Learn More About Uses of Polyurethane Made With Diisocyanates

The chemical industry makes the safety and responsible use of its products a priority. A robust system of laws and industry initiatives oversees the development and use of chemical products, enhances scientific understanding and makes safety information available to the public.

It is important that the federal regulatory system keep pace with the applications of chemistry, including the use of diisocyanates.

Learn More:

  • Consumer Safety and Diisocyanates (learn about policies that promote innovation and the safe use of chemicals, including diisocyanates)

  • Environmental Stewardship (includes information about what diisocyanates producers and others are doing to preserve the environment)

  • Worker/Industry Health and Safety Guidance (includes technical information on a variety of industry-related diisocyanates topics including hazard communication, ventilation, industrial hygiene, safe handling guidance, environmental emissions reporting and testing, first aid, emergency response and disposal)


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More than 800,000 Americans rely on jobs in the chemistry industry—earning 47 percent more than the average manufacturing wage.