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This document provides clinical guidance for the physician asked to evaluate an individual who may potentially be exposed to diisocyanates at work and who is reporting lower respiratory symptoms at work. The main objective is to serve as a resource to the physician in identifying those workers with a probable diagnosis of diisocyanate-related asthma by using accessible clinical tools.

Online Training for Evaluation of Diisocyanate Induced Occupational Asthma

Click here for more information about an online training opportunity offered by Occupational Asthma expert Dr. David I Bernstein.


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Online Training for Evaluation of Diisocyanate Induced Occupational Asthma

David I Bernstein MD, an Occupational Asthma expert from the University of Cincinnati, has prepared an online video training program to assist primary care and occupational physicians in evaluating the worker exposed to diisocyanate chemicals presenting with respiratory symptoms at work.

The 45-minute online program, offered by Dr. Bernstein at no cost for occupational physicians and nurses, will instruct on methods presented in the printed Guide for the Primary Care Physician in Evaluating Diisocyanate Exposed Workers for Occupational Asthma. The online program reviews respiratory health effects of diisocyanates and then provides guidance on evaluating a worker with possible occupational asthma by serial evaluation of lung function testing during work and away from work. The printed guide and special forms for recording and analyzing clinical data will be provided at no cost to participants. 

The training program is being made available by Dr. Bernstein on a separate and independent basis and is unaffiliated with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) or its Diisocyanates Panel.  ACC and the Panel disclaim all responsibility and accept no liability for use of the training program, and make no warranties as to the program’s accuracy, reliability or completeness.

If you would like to participate in the online training program or learn more about this opportunity, please click on this link which will direct you to an external website.